Let Chattisgarh Have a Brilliant Future

Posted By: Tapas Dev Tag: A Few Problems Solved Last Update: 21/08/2020

Human beings come onto this earth for a very short period, and within this short period they are required to complete everything. So there is a great deal of work to be done, but the time is very short. Thus intelligent people make the best use of every moment of their time – wasting one’s time is the height of foolishness. No human being on this earth will remain for long, and the very goal of human life is to attain the Supreme Stance. Human beings while moving forward towards that Goal which is fixed before their minds, will have to perform many interrelated works. That is why it is said, Keep one hand on the feet of Parama Puruśa, and with the other hand do your mundane duties. Let the mind be constantly attached to Parama Puruśa. And while performing one’s mundane duties one should always remember that these duties are also the task of Parama Puruśa. This very earth in which we are living is also a creation of Parama Puruśa, so to serve this world means to serve the children of the Cosmic Father. When someone takes care of the children of another family, which mother or father will not be satisfied to see that someone is caring for their children? So Parama Puruśa will certainly be pleased with those who serve His children. While discharging their mundane duties, they must remember that these duties are not intended for their personal interest; their only purpose is to serve Parama Puruśa. Is there any end to the mundane duties in the world?

However, the goal of all sorts of mundane duties is that human beings should live in this world in such a way that no one exploits others, no one causes misery to others. If there is less exploitation in the external world there will be less misery also; and in that case people will get more time to pursue their spiritual practices. Then human beings will attain the supreme state of spiritual fulfillment in life. If there is severe exploitation in the society, human attention is drawn towards that; and as a result their attention is diverted from their main goal. Then there arises some slackness in the path of their spiritual endeavour to realize Parama Puruśa. That is why you should remember that if a spiritual human society is to be built, human beings must be spared from exploitation and injustice. There should be proper arrangements for ensuring food, clothes, accommodation, education, and medical treatment for each and every human being. Those of you who want to establish righteousness and create virtuous people in this world, your bounden duty is to lay the foundation of a healthy society within a very short period. If all of you will work collectively in this effort, then it will not take a very long time; rather it will be accomplished very quickly.

I want that the present distressed condition of Chattisgarh should come to an end, and it should have a very bright future. Let the people from other parts of the world come here and learn how far the people here have achieved progress, and in which ways they are going to bring about progress in other spheres of life. Let the light of Chattisgarh be ever effulgent, like a luminous star in human society, so that all may learn and be benefited by it.

16 October 1979, Raipur