Rise Above All Complexes

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You know, in this universe nothing is fixed, nothing is stationary. Everything is on the move, everything has to move. Cessation of movement means death. We know that in a stagnant pond nothing but weeds grow. When weeds grow, the growth of important plants becomes retarded or impeded. That is why we must not give encouragement to stagnancy or immobility of any sort, under any circumstances.

The most essential factor of the human mind is its movement. The Cosmic Mind also is in constant movement. Now, movement can be of two types: extro-internal and intro-external. There should be a perfect balance between these two types of psychic movement. As long as the balance between the two types is maintained, one’s mind is established in equilibrium and equipoise; the mind in this state of balance is recognized as the greatest treasure of human society.

The movement of the human mind arises first in the physical sphere and then shifts towards the psychic sphere. In the second stage the mind moves in the purely psychic sphere. Then, thirdly, the movement is in the psycho-spiritual sphere. And fourthly the movement is in the purely spiritual sphere. When the mind moves, starting from the physical sphere right up to the spiritual sphere, one will have to maintain a balance between extro-internal and intro-external movements of mind. That is why Lord Sadáshiva said: Caturtho samatábhávo [“The fourth requirement for success is equanimity of mind”]. In order to attain success in life, especially in spiritual life, the fourth indispensable factor is balance of mind, samatábhávo. In other words, one must maintain the state of psychic equilibrium. In its absence, no progress in any sphere is possible, not even in the spiritual sphere.

As far as you are concerned, you must never encourage any superiority complex, inferiority complex, fear complex, defeatist complex, etc. You are the very children of Parama Puruśa. Hence you are not inferior to anyone. You must not encourage any inferiority complex, for you are the members of the highest and noblest family. I have told you that your Father is the most revered Entity of the universe. Likewise you should not encourage any superiority complex, for this entire universe is the creation of the Supreme Father. No one in this universe is inferior to you. All the created beings of this universe inherit a common patrimony. Therefore it would not be proper for anyone to encourage a superiority complex.

In the same way, you must not give indulgence to any fear complex. Why should you be afraid of anyone? When the Supreme Entity, the Supreme Father Himself, is your constant companion, then why should you fear anyone? You must not be afraid of anyone – neither any human being, nor any theory, nor any doctrine, nor any dogma.

Perhaps you know what “dogma” means. “Dogma” means an idea around which some line is drawn, beyond which it is prohibited to go. “You will have to accept this doctrine, you cannot go beyond it.” This sort of restrictive idea is called a dogma. You should never be afraid of any dogma of this sort. You should also see that no sort of fear complex ever grips your mind. Remember, you are not alone in this world. Not only on this planet; nowhere are you alone. This entire universe is pervaded by Parama Puruśa. We are always sitting on His very lap, we are always sleeping on His lap. Then why should we be afraid of anyone?

Next comes the defeatist complex, or complex of hopelessness. This sort of complex should never be encouraged either. Your path of movement towards Parama Puruśa is always unbarred. So why should you submit to any defeatist complex or complex of hopelessness? The path of your journey towards the Supreme Entity is wide open. Hence, there is no question of defeat for you. So how can the idea of defeat arise?

Now, where lies the greatest fulfilment of human existence? Human existence is an ideological flow. The starting-point of this flow is the supreme positivity, and after passing through the supreme negativity, you will again return to the supreme positivity. In other words, you move forward in your evolution from the stage of crude animality towards subtler humanity. Your final destination is extremely glorious, crowned with supreme effulgence. So where is the scope for you to be afraid of defeat of any sort?

Nothing in this universe is insignificant, and every expression of this universe carries significance. You boys and you girls, every one of you is a VIP – a very important person.

2 October 1979 morning, Calcutta