Ananda Vanii Samgraha

The Supreme Spirit within humanity, neglected for ages, has awakened today. This awakening will initiate a new chapter in human history. You will all be the pioneers of the new trend.

1 January 1956

A sádhaka is verily a soldier. The pricks of thorns on the difficult path signify one’s progress. The collective welfare of the universe is the crowning glory of one’s victory.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1956

Thorns on the path cannot deter those who have assembled with the determination to march in unison. They are blowing the trumpets of victory in an effort to conquer the universe of a timid mind. O human beings march ahead – let the song of march be your only slogan.

1 January 1957

The purport of Dharma Sádhaná is to look upon every person, every object of this universe as one integral entity. To jeopardize the unity of the human race by creating factions is not the purpose of Dharma. Those who encourage vested interests survive on the mental weaknesses of people and their dissensions, and that is why they are scared of the spread of the ideals of Dharma and exhibit their intolerance towards it in all sorts of immoral ways, such as abuse, false propaganda and lies. People must not be cowed by this, they have got to march ahead. It is to be borne in mind that hindrances are beneficial to human beings on the path of righteousness and to continue to fight against them is what is sádhaná.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1957

The accumulated distortions of many lifetimes cannot be removed in the twinkling of an eye. The removal of these distortions requires prolonged cultivation of knowledge, selfless devotion and untiring action.
The world expects tremendous work from you; so you must not sit idle like a frog in a well under the spell of inertia. Therefore awake, arise.

Shrávańii Púrńimá 1957

Don’t compare life to a pool of muddy, stagnant water. Life resembles an ever-flowing spring. Pushing aside the stones of obstructions and difficulties, marching on with vigorous speed is its Dharma. Hence it is clear that those who want to keep away from obstacles have lost the Dharma of life – verily they are dead. The graveyard, not the society should be their abode.

1 January 1958

In the transitional period of civilization, honesty in individual life is a prime necessity. We shall have to remain ever vigilant that the darkness of petty self-interest may not shroud this supreme human treasure. With the very extinction of honesty, civilization too will not survive; the long sádhaná of the human race will go in vain, and all intellectual achievements will become meaningless. Book knowledge that cannot be utilized in life has no value.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1958

Those who can maintain their restraint in spite of intense provocation are the real spiritual aspirants. They alone have overcome anger. Inspire those who are liars and criminals to live honest lives by pointing out their defects. This is the only spiritual approach to punish wrongdoers. Supreme truth is ever resplendent and can never be tarnished by false propaganda.

Shrávańii Púrńimá 1958

Struggle against evil forces is life. We have to remember this fact once again on this threshold of a happy New Year.

1 January 1959

That which impairs the naturalness of the life of individuals and society is the sádhaná of the dead. It is not the sádhaná of the living because the seeds of injustice, immorality and destruction dwell in unnatural life only. The wise and the well-wishers of society therefore, never support unnaturalness in life.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1959

Struggle is the essence of life. Yours should be a pauseless struggle against corruption, hypocrisy and animality.

1 January 1960

Life is a spiritual sádhaná and the result of this sádhaná is to be offered at the altar of the Supreme.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1960

Your ideal is represented by your conduct. Your learning, your social or economic status have nothing to do with your ideal.

1 January 1961

Fight for your Ideology. Be one with your Ideology. Live for your Ideology. Die for your Ideology.

Ánanda Púrńimá 1961