25. Livelihood

You can adopt any honest livelihood to maintain yourself and your family. To live on food given by others is a great humiliation. You must endeavour to spend a minimum of one-fiftieth of your income on public service. Spending one’s entire earnings on oneself and one’s direct family will gradually lead to crudeness. No one should utilize fine arts for material benefits; but in case of extreme financial hardship of a family, the rigidity of this rule may be temporarily relaxed after consulting the concerned ácárya/á.

1956, Jamalpur

26. The Livelihood of Womens

Where appropriate, women should take on the responsibility of weaving, sewing, cattle-rearing and light agricultural work. Generally it is desirable for women to earn an honest livelihood remaining at home. If it is not possible to maintain the family in this way, women may find employment in more physically strenuous work such as government service, business, etc., outside the home. No one should be conservative or superstitious in this regard.

1965, Jamalpur

27. Economic Policy

You should always remember that you are members of a joint family, so you should unitedly utilize all the property of the universe. Remember, you have direct or indirect responsibility for every child and every human being in the society, so do not try to keep yourself aloof from others. Those who do not utilize, or misuse, the wealth of the universe deliberately ignore the Cosmic Father, because they want to deprive His other children, that is, their own brothers and sisters, of their legitimate share. In fact, these people are all victims of psychic ailments. You should try to bring all such social exploiters to the path of honesty by means of mental and spiritual education. In case you fail in this attempt, force them to follow a virtuous path by creating circumstantial pressure, and give them spiritual guidance to permanently eradicate their psychic diseases. You should always remember that this sort of rectification is impossible unless you have genuine love for humanity.

1965, Jamalpur