16. Tree-Planting Ceremony

Plant the tree while mentally reciting guru mantra. Then while pouring some water on the tree, everyone will recite the following with the ácárya/á or a senior person leading:

Oṋḿ madhu vátá rtáyate madhu kśarantu sindhavah;
Mádhviirnah santvośadhiih.
Madhu naktamutośaso madhumat párthivaḿ rajah;
Madhu dyaorastu nah pitá.
Madhumán no vanaspatirmadhumán astu súryah;
Mádhviirgávo bhavantu nah.
Oṋḿ madhu oṋḿ madhu oṋḿ madhu.

“May the tree planted today prove felicitous for us with its fruits, flowers, fragrance, floral nectar, leaves and shade. May we ourselves prove helpful to the tree through our regular service in providing manure, water and sunshine to it.

Oṋḿ shántih, oṋḿ shantih, oṋḿ shantih.”

You shall lovingly and carefully tend the highly-beneficial trees such as basil, neem [margosa], ashoka [Saraca indica Linn.] and eucalyptus; and also those yielding fruits and shade.

1956, Jamalpur

17. Commencing a Journey

You shall not take into account the dates and stars while setting out on a journey. You may, as necessary, set out for your destination after ascribing Brahma-hood to your journey through guru mantra. If you are to consult the dates and stars at every step, you are to carry an almanac with you all the time – something which is truly contrary to nature.

1956, Jamalpur