Historical Dates

1921- The Holy advent of ShriiShriiA’nandaMu’rtijii, the propounder of A’nandaMarga, on the day of Vaesha’khiiPu’rn’ima’ in the year 1921 at Jamalpur, Bihar, India.

1939- The first initiation of KalicharanBandyopadhyay was done at KashiMitraGhat on the bank of the river Baghirathi in Kalikata, India on the day of Shra’van’iiPu’rn’ima in the year 1939.

1955- A’nandaMa’rga was founded. The first Dharma Maha’ Cakra was held on the 9th day of January, 1955 at Rampur Colony, Jamalpur.

1958- Renaissance Universal was founded on the day of 25th January, 1958 at Trimuhan, Bhagalpur district, Bihar, India.

1962- The first Avadhuta was initiated.

1963- A’nanda Nagar, the registered headquarters of A’nandaMa’rgaPraca’rakaSam’gha was established in the district of Purulia in West Bengal, India. Education, Relief and Welfare Section(ERAWS), the social service wing of A’nandaMa’rga was started.

1964- A’nandaMa’rga Board of Education was formed.

1965- The Women’s Welfare Department (WWD) was started.

1966- The first missionary was sent overseas. A’nandaMa’rga Degree College was set up at A’nanda Nagar.

1967- A’nanda Nagar was attacked by Communists on March 5, 1967 and five dedicated monks were murdered. The court, after a prolonged trial, found 18 persons, including the Block Development Officer of Gar’jaipur, guilty of the crime and sentenced them to varying prison terms.

1968- A’nandaMa’rga Institute of Technology (AMIT) was started at A’nanda Nagar.

1969- A’nandaMa’rga Congregation at Coochbehar in West Bengal was attacked by CPM. Ravi Sarkar was killed. Baba was put in jail to harass Him.

1970- A’nandaMa’rga Universal Relief Team (AMURT) was founded. Kiirtana with ‘Ba’BaNa’maKevalam’ as Austa’ksarii Siddha Mantra was introduced at Amjharia forest at house near Ranchi, India, on 8th October.

1971- The seven year long incarceration of the Ma’rga Guru begins on December 29, 1971.

1973- TheMa’rga Guru was poisioned inside Bankipore Central Jail, Patna on February 12, 1973. From April 1st, He went on a long fast demanding judicial enduiry into the poisioning event.

1975- A’nandama’rga was banned in India on July 3, 1975 when national wise Emergency was imposed. The ban was subsequently withdrawn in 1977 after an unprecendentedelectrol tide swept the government out of power.

1978- The incarceration ends. The Ma’rga Guru comes out of jail on August 2, following verdict by the Patna High Court pronouncing Him and four others innocent and aquiting them of all the charges. The Ma’rga Guru breaks His 5-years 4-months 2-days long fast. Kaushikii (Spiritual) Dance was introduced on 6th September, 1978 in Patna, India.

1982- The Philosophy of Neo-humanism was expounded. Communist activities massacred 17 A’nandaMa’rga monks and nun on April 30, 1982 on BijanSetu in Kalikata, West Bengal, India. The Ma’rga Guru introduced Prabha’taSam’giita with His first composition on September 14, 1982 at Deoghar Bihar.

1983- A’nandaMa’rga was declared a religious denomination by the Supreme Court of India in its judgement in the Tan’d’ava Case on October 20.

1984- A’nandaMa’rga was declared as a religious organistion by the Canadian Government.

1985- TheMa’rga Guru introduced 10 new letters in Bengal outstanding relief work rendered to the victims of apartheid in South Africa.

1990- On April 2, Ac. Asiima’nandaAvt. And four other A’nandaMa’rgiiswere brutally murdered at the hands of the goons of Communist Part of India (Marxist) at Ananda Nagar.

1990- On 7th May, 1990, the Culcutta High Court accepted the Ta’n’d’ava dance as an essential and integral part of religious practices of A’nandaMa’rgiis. On June 4, 1990 Ac. KarunaketanBrc. Was killed in police firing at Ananda Nagar. The incident was instigated by the CPI (M). On September 7, 1990 the Ma’rga Guru gave the initial concept of Gurukula and also gave detailed programme for the establishment of the Gurukula University at A’nandanagar, Purulia, West Bengal. October 20, 1990: The prabhatSam’giit (No. 5018) was composed. October 21, 1990: ShriiShriiA’nandamu’rtijii’sMaha’praya’n’ in MG Quarters, Tiljala, Kalikata, India. October 26, 1990: Shraddha’njali Ceremony in holy memory of Rev. Ma’rga Guru was conducted in AMPS ashram, Calcutta. October 31, 1990: Ac. Shraddha’nandaAvdhuta became the Purodha’ Pramukha and President of A’nandaMa’rga.

1991- AMURT received recognition as an NGO by the U.N.O.

1992- A’nandaMa’rga had been registered in Uganda, Greece, Ethiopia, Russia etc.

1993- A’nandaMa’rga had been registered in Moldavia, Korea, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Papua & New Guinea & Chile.

1994- TheGoernment of Jamaica recognized A’nandaMa’rga as a non-profit charitable organization.

1995- A’nandama’rga was registered in Madagasker and Mongolia.

1996- Supreme Court of India lifted the notification of Govt. of India banning employees from participating in A’nandaMa’rga activities and also reaffirmed the religious status of A’nandaMa’rga. Govt. of United Kingdom declared A’nandaMa’rga as a Charitable Religious Organisation.

1997- platinum Jubilee celebration of the advent of ShriiShriiA’nandaMu’rtijii was organized throughout the globe.

1998- Massive relief work by AMURT in the civil strife-torn Sudan and Rwanda and in the natural calamity in Nicaragua.

1999- Commendable relief work by AMURT in Kosovo civil war, Orrisasupercyclone, Turkey and Taiwan earthquackes.

2000- The District Session Court of Calcutta has exonerated A’nandama’rgaPracharakaSangha from all the false charges framed against it by the C.B.I. in the matter of Purulia arms drop case.

2001- Massive relief work done by AMURT in Gujrat in the earthquack-hit area of Bhuj District.

2002- The headquarters of A’nandaMa’rga has began functioning from A’nandanagar. AcharyaRaghunath Prasad has been appointed the President of Central Committee as per the procedure laid down in Caryacarya till 31st December 2003.

2003- New Governing Body lawfully elected on 24th August 2003. Baba’s concept that Rarh is the land whose soil is marked by first ever footsteps of human being and is also the land which saw the dawn of human civilization- vindicated by recent research done by renowned archeologist Dr.S. Chakravarty. His research was first published on 8th September 2003 in front page headlines of the Telegraph- a Kolkata daily.

2004- DharmaMahaSammelan, Theme Rally and the Intellectuals’ conference held at Purulia on 27,28,29 February to highlight the glorious past, pathetic present and bright future of Rarh. The first ever Dharma MahaSammelan held in Bangladesh at AnandaUttara Master Unit on 17,18,19 November 2004. To highlight the great history and present problems of BarendraBhumi (North Bengal), a theme rally, intellectuals’ conference and cultural programme held at Siliguri on 20,21 November.

2005- AMURT- Kolkata launched a wide-spread relief to victims of Tsunami affected people of Andaman-Nicobar Island and Nagapattanam district of Tamilnadu. (January-April AMURT- Kolkata provided much needed relief to flood-affected people of Raigad district of Maharastra (August-october).

2007- PrabhatSamgiita silver jubilee celebrated throughout the world, especially in india by organizing several cultural programmes and PrabhatSamgiita composition at much wider scale. AMURT- Kolkata launched relief operations in Bangladesh benefiting thousands of cyclone affected people (Nov-Dec).

2008- AMURT- Kolkata (with cooperation from many margiis& workers) launched massive flood relief operations in Bihar & Orrisa.

2009- AMURT launched massive flood relief work (May-July) in cyclone (Aila) affected area of Sundarban (W.B). AMURT also served flood affected Bellary dist. of Karnataka (October 09).

2010- The Universities of Pune (Sanskrit Deptt.) & Mumbai (Economics Deptt.) organized seminar on ShriiShriiAnandamurtijii’s Philosophy, Science & Language and PROUT respectively.

2011- Renaissance Universal organized several seminars on Shrii P.R. Sarkar’s contribution. Such as in Madras University, Chennai, LalBahadurRastriyaSamskritVidyapitha, Delhi, Mouai Yuba Kendra and Kalakunja at Kolkata, resulting in intellectuals’ deep interest in PROUT as an alternative Socio Economic Theory.

2012- PROUT symposia were organized at 25 places and ProutParikrama was held in three States of India in 2012, which was declared as Prout year. Hundreds of intellectuals attended these Prout symposia and were inquisitive about it as an alternative to present economic woes. RU organized National Seminar on contribution of Shrii P.R. Sarkar at Delhi and Patna.

2013- AMURT provided extensive relief to the victims of devastating floods in Uttarakhanda (India) caused by cloud-burst. It also launched massive flood relief work in Odisha floods caused by Phailin cyclone.