1. Forgiveness.
2. Magnanimity of mind.
3. Perpetual restraint on behaviour and temper.
4. Readiness to sacrifice everything of individual life of ideology.
5. All-round self-restraint.
6. Sweet and smiling behaviour.
7. Moral courage.
8. Setting an example by individual conduct before asking any body to do the same.
9. Keeping oneself aloof from criticising others or condemning others, or mudslinging and all sorts of groupism.
10. Strict adherence to Yama and Niyama.
11. Due to carelessness, if any mistake is commited unknowingly or unconsciously, one must admit it immediately and ask for punishment.
12. Even while dealing with a person of inimical nature one must keep oneself free from hatred, anger and vanity.
13. One should keep oneself aloof from talkativeness.
14. Obedience to structural code of discipline.
15. Sense of responsiblity.