"There are entities which come within the realm of both physicality and psychic expression which are smaller or subtler than atoms, electrons or protons, and in the psychic realm may be subtler than ectoplasm. For such objects or for such entities I use the term "Microvitum". The microvitum, or in plural microvita, are not for protoplasmic order, and as such, they have got little to do with carbon molecules or carbon atoms, which are treated as the initial point or initial stages of life in the universe. So far as physicality is concerned, the position of these microvita is just between ectoplasm and electron, but they are neither ectoplasm nor electron... Now, there should be extensive research work regarding this microvitum or this microvita. Our task is gigantic and we are to start or research work regarding these microvita immediately without any further delay, otherwise many problems in modern society will not be solved in a nice way.