What is Ananda Marga..?

Posted By: Tapas Dev Tag: Q & A Last Update: 23/05/2017

A'nanda Ma'rga is a worldwide socio-spiritual mission founded by Shri Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. It teaches scientific practices of self-development to all free of charge. It is also a social service organisation helping the disaster-affected and the needy and neglected in all nation. It has emerged as global forces at this moment in human history when there is the greatest need for a holistic approach to the world's problems-economics crisis, psychic alienation, disunity and strife.The solution begins with a change in the individual- physically, mentally and spiritually- through scientific practices that develope one's potentialities. As we gradually develop ourselves we increase our ability to deal effectively with the challenges of life and to solve the problems of the society and as our minds expand, we transcend the artificial barriers and prejudices of race, creed and nation, which divide us; we unit together and work actively to liberate all of humanity from economic and psychic exploitation, and to built a healthy and harmonious society. A'nanda Ma'rga is a universal movement of people dedicated to its goal of self-realisation and the welfare of humanity. A'nanda Ma'rga literally means "The Path of Bliss"- the way that leads both the individual and society to the highest goal.

Baba said to us "My son, I made Ananda Marga for the whole humanity. Do you know what our Ananda Marga is based upon? It has the sanctity of Hinduism, the Service spirit of Christianity, the Fantacism of Islam, the Penances and Austerities of Jainism, the Tantra of Shiva, the Yoga of Krishna, the Dhramchakra of Buddha and a socio economic theory of Prout that excels Marxism ! This is our Ananda Marga."