Cause And Effect : Part-1

Posted By: Tapas Dev Tag: Scriptures Last Update: 29/04/2018

In this Universe of ours, there is nothing non causal. Do you know the meaning of non-causal ? Non-causal means “ Having no- cause”. In hoary past, there was a great philosopher named Kanada. He said his theory:

“ Karanabhavat Karyabhavah “

Karana means cause, Abhava means want. Where there is no cause there cannot be any effect. He was a scientist and he invented the Atomic Theory. He was Maharsi Kanada. Long before Dalton’s Atomic Theory, about 1500 years ago, 1000 years after Buddaha he said:

“ Karanabhavat Karyabhavah “

“where there is no cause, there cannot be any effect”, and it was he who established the fact. Everything in this Universe of our is causal.

Now, here we are. Say a few years ago, none of you knew that baba loves you. But baba was there, and baba loved you, thought you were not acquainted with baba. Is it not the fact ? And I think, now some of you feel that baba love you, at least a little. Don’t I love you a wee bit ? (Baba makes a pinch measure with His fingers). And I also realise that you love me very much. (Baba makes a ground measure with his arms spread wide). You don’t know, but it may or may be a fact that I knew you. Nothing is non-causal in the Universe. You came in close contact with me. I came in close contact with you. This is also not non-causal.

A.V. Part-16, Chapter-3