Equanimity of mind should be maintained

Posted By: Tapas Dev Tag: Scriptures Last Update: 23/05/2017

Mental balance is natural, while a complex is unnatural. Suppose someone is proud of his or her riche – “ We are a rich lot” – this short of superiority complex is playing in their minds. But just think, how long is such affluence and pride going to last ? Their wealth may ship from their hand at any moment. They will then become as poor as everyone else. Just imagine their position now, before those persons to whom they used to boast of their riches in the past !

People must always bear in mind that “ Whatever I have acquired is all by the grace of Parama Purusa. If he decides that I should not possess wealth, He will take it away at any moment He wishes. “ So not one should feel pride about anything under any circumtances.

A.V. Part-16, Chapter-3