The Divine Drama

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In this universe the guiding entity is One; there is no scope for multiplicities. That single entity who guides and directs everything is the father, the preceptor and Guru of all. “Eko hi rudrah.” This Rudra is a singular entity. Rudra means “he who makes one weep”. In Saḿskrta there are two verbs referring to this state: rodana [to weep softly] and krandana [to cry loudly). Parama Puruśa is called Rudra because He makes us weep. But why should He who has unbounded love for us make us weep?

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Devotion is the Life-Force of a Devotee

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“Bhaktiránanda rupáca”. Bhakti is the embodiment of ánanda. What is ánanda? What is its visible expression? Ánanda + al suffix = ánanda. The root-verb “nand” means to taste joy, happiness or pleasure deep in the mind. When the entire mind is filled with ever-flowing bliss it is termed ánanda in psychological parlance. In the language of grammar and philosophy it is also ánanda.

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