The Thoughts of P.R. Sarkar

Whatever you do, the Supreme Consciousness sees everything. For Him no part of your being is closed or shut. He is the innermost part of your being. “Today I am very busy and have to attend a party so I shall do meditation (sádhaná) for three or four minutes only.” He knows that you are placing a party above sádhaná. He hears both your spoken words as well as the thought words. Actually He hears them first, before they become mental. He is, therefore, in full knowledge of all that goes on within and without and beneath the mind. Don’t try to hide anything from Him – you will not succeed.

Baba’s Grace, 103

He is with you always. You are never alone. Sometimes there arises in the mind a defeatest complex: “Oh, I am defeated in this project! Oh, I am defeated in this struggle for existence!” When your father is the Supreme Father, when your father is the most powerful entity in the entire universe, why should you think that you have been defeated in this struggle for existence? No! A bright future awaits you – your future is glorious, your future is luminous, your future is effulgent.

Discourse in Caracas, Venezuela, 1979

Now I am leaving this country and I am leaving you physically. I am always with you; I will always be with you. Physically I am leaving you, my sons and daughters, but I can’t forget you, and mentally I will always be with you. I want all of you to be ideal human beings. All of you should attain the pinnacle of human glory. Let your existence be successful. I have nothing more to say. Peace be with you.

My sons and my daughters, I have one more sentence to say. I do not belong to heaven. What I am, I am to express this truth in a single sentence – I am yours.

Departing message from the Philippines, 1969

No power in heaven and earth can separate me from my children. Even if this universe comes to an end, I will be with them in the expressionless Cosmos. My children – be they gentle, be they naughty – they are mine.

Supreme Expression I, 60

8. Devotion

Devotion means longing for the Supreme. Now the question arises, is devotion natural or unnatural for living beings? All the conscious or crude things we see in the manifested universe bear attraction for one another, and as a consequence, the continuity of the thought-projection of the Cosmic Mind is maintained. It is on account of the mutual attraction of myriads of heavenly bodies oscillating in the infinite space that balance is maintained in the firmament.

In this attraction, there is effort for self-preservation. The bee flies around and around flowers in quest of honey, just for the sake of preserving its existence. It can be seen that every entity runs toward that abode which is more lasting and secure and which can provide it greater and longer safety. People run after money for the only reason that they believe they can maintain their lives under the shelter of money; that is to say, money alone can save them. But they do not know that money can provide them neither permanent stability nor a securely-founded shelter. Even during the span of their lives, money will come and go several times. At times its glamour will dazzle their eyes, and sometimes it will make them cry, hunger-stricken. Not to speak of money alone, all finite objects have this characteristic. What is not infinite cannot permanently remain the object of your enjoyment. It cannot be your permanent resort, since the existence of all these finite objects is dependent on others, bounded by the limits of time, place and person. If the terrific speed with which the extroverted person runs after finite objects is introverted towards the Supreme Being of his or her life, s/he can attain the Supreme Consciousness, can achieve the Supreme State.

The world is a changing phenomenon. Therefore, it is unwise to be attached to any object in this ever-changing world. The very name and form will undergo changes with the change in time and place. The child changes into youth, the youth into the old, and the old into the corpse. But if wise people take every object of the world as the expression of the one and single Cosmic Consciousness, then on seeing the changes in the name and form of any particular object, they will not be affected by pain or pleasure. Cosmic Consciousness to them would remain Cosmic Consciousness; they would lose nothing.

Subháśita Saḿgraha I, 69

Now what is devotion? Leaving all the relative things, when mind moves toward the Absolute, that alone is known as Devotion. When the mind moves toward the Supreme Soul, the nearer it comes to Him, there is an unknowing change in it. The caterpillar does not know when it becomes a butterfly. The mind does not know how changes occur in it. Thus, one day it sees that it is no longer an individual being and hence the individualistic feeling disappears. When the mind is free from individualistic feelings, that alone is the Supreme State.

“Karma Samnyása and Parábhakti”

Devotion is that bridge which connects the individual with the Cosmic Consciousness. Before crossing the bridge of devotion, one feels, “You are that Supreme Consciousness”. But while crossing the bridge, one feels, “I am That”.

“Bhakti Rupa Setu”

When a person is established in devotion one becomes able to understand the greatness and magnificence of the Supreme Consciousness The understanding at this moment is born of real experience through taste. Sweet things, mango and sugar, can be distinguished only by taste. One cannot enjoy the flavour of mango by seeing its reflection in water. One will have to climb the tree, pluck the mango and taste it. Similarly, experience in the spiritual realm also can be had only after climbing a step on the tree of devotion. Only then can one understand the brilliance and greatness of the transcendental Cosmic Entity.

“Bhakti Rupa Setu”