The Thoughts of P.R. Sarkar

1. Evolution Towards Perfection

Life is a movement from imperfection to perfection. When inanimate objects become animate there is progress. There is further progress when animate beings become multicellular metazoic organisms, more and more complicated structures. The human being is the highest being, the being most perfect in structure. The human being is thus a perfected animal. But this is the beginning of progress for humanity. Humans still have to achieve further physical, intellectual and spiritual perfection. Movement towards perfection – God – is a human’s true nature (dharma). Movement towards imperfection is against one’s true nature (adharma). The former is life, the latter is death. Human movement towards animality is therefore not life, it is death.

No movement is free from friction or obstacles. Even when you walk, the force of gravity obstructs you. Movement towards perfection is obstructed by all the forces of imperfection, of evil. The sinful, the crude, the narrow, obstruct all movement for the expansion of the human mind. But perfection being a God-ward movement, do not be afraid – move on. Obstacles will go down the drain, where they belong. You will progress.

The mission of human life is to move towards perfection, towards God. This is one’s duty. In this struggle the forces of evil are bound to be defeated. This has been the case all along, and history will repeat itself. You have no right to rest until you have fulfilled your mission of being perfect, of being divine, of establishing yourself in perfection. Rest is sin as it puts a stop to this movement. Do not rest until you have reached your goal.

Baba’s Grace, 151

From the inanimate to the animate goes the process of evolution. Consider a piece of stone for instance. It has neither the power of action nor the sensation of mind. What is the reason? It is because hitherto there has been no manifestation of mind in the stone at all. Consider the trees and plants that are more animate than the stone. There is activity in them. They grow, draw the vital juice from the earth, maintain their species by creating seeds in their own bodies, and enjoy and suffer pleasure and pain when taken care of or hurt. We see in them the manifestation of consciousness, for mind has awakened in them. Thus progressing on the path of mental development, we see in humanity its greatest manifestation. Just as evolution takes place from the subtle to the crude, similarly the unit entity reverts step by step from the crude to the subtle, towards the same Absolute Consciousness from whence it came. It is just like the waves of the sea, rippling back from whence they have come.

Subháśita Saḿgraha II, 50

The darkness of evolutionary night began to fade centuries ago when the first ape-like creature deserted his tree-branch kingdom and shambled out into the light of the plain. He was guided by something he could not understand: something un-apelike and impossible for his comrades. Somehow, somewhere in his seething body chemistry, something had changed. In his brain lay the seed of humanity; in his strangely bright eyes, the dark shadow of a hidden dream.

Time passed slowly. The new creatures developed and multiplied. The wonderful changes in their bodies and minds continued; their brains, nerves and glandular systems grew in complexity and specialization. New behaviour patterns evolved and after some time, emotions and feelings unknown and denied to all previous forms of life found their means of expression. The Dawn of Man was reached at that auspicious hour. The waves of thought generated by that first human expression vibrate even to this day in the unconscious mind of every human being. Everyone of us carries within him the hidden memory of that first sunrise, and even beyond it into the darkness of antiquity. We are, by means of this primordial memory, which is part of our human heritage, intimately connected to all forms of life.

Supreme Expression 1, 328

Humanity, standing as it does at the top of the evolutionary ladder, may sometimes feel proud and in a weak moment commit an act of meanness. Yet one should always remain vigilant against this. The evolutionary forces have not stopped. The theatre of action has shifted to the psychic level. Evolution is now expressing its power in the daily struggle of men and women everywhere to attain dignity.

Supreme Expression 1,73