The Thoughts of P.R. Sarkar

18. Nationalism and Universalism

Nationalism is fast becoming outdated. Not only has the national sentiment given humanity rude shocks in the world wars of this century, but the social and cultural blending of the present age also shows the growing domination of cosmopolitanism in world affairs. Vested interests, however, continue to cause certain divisive tendencies. Despite these obstacles, a social blending of humanity is in progress and needs a common constitutional structure to cement the solidarity of the world.

A world government is also essential to exercise effective control in certain spheres. For example, there should be only one world military force. The world government should form certain autonomous units (not necessarily national) to deal with problems such as education, food supply, and flood control. The boundaries of these units may be readjusted to reflect the development of more sophisticated communication techniques. Such development brings the remote parts of the world nearer and the world therefore grows smaller.

Idea and Ideology, 92

It will have to be explained to all that there will be clash between different nations as long as national feelings exist. Some may talk of disarmament, but military preparation will go on underground. If people dedicate themselves to the cause of the welfare of the entire human race, their respective nations will also be benefited.

The one Cosmic Ideology will have to be preached; that one Supreme Father, the Cosmic Entity, is the goal of all living beings. This spiritual sentiment will keep humanity united for all time to come. It will form the entire planetary world and even the universe into a nation. Then there will be only one nation – a World Nation. No other theory can save the human race.

To the Patriots, 32

A language must also be evolved as the lingua franca of the world. At present English is most suitable for the purpose and no national sentiment should be encouraged to oppose it. But local languages must also be encouraged to help indigenous literatures develop and thereby contribute to world progress and the common family of humanity.

Idea and Ideology, 93

Every atom of this universe is the joint property of all living beings. This has to be adopted as a matter of policy; and after its recognition, the idea that this is national and that is foreign, that a particular person is fit for the citizenship of a particular country while others are not or have no rights at all, cannot stand. In reality, only vested interests appear intensely interested in such illusory matters.

All people are world citizens by birth. Every human being has the right to go and settle anywhere and to live like a human being. If any group of people of any country is not ready to accept this fundamental right of living beings, then it should be understood that their utterances for “peace” are only meant to cheat and bluff others.

Humanity has a right to live not only in this small world, but also on every planet and satellite, meteorite, nebula and every particle of this vast creation. If anyone wants to deprive human beings of this very birthright, then people will have to establish it by force.

Problem of the Day, 24

The human society is continually striving to arrive at a synthesis through analysis, some sort of unity through diversity. The natural obstructions of small clans, narrow communal interests, geographical distances and intractable customs and usages barriers – none of these obstacles could hinder the steady and silent movement towards a supreme goal. That is why the policy of apartheid, the vanity of racial superiority, national chauvinism or regionalism – these relative doctrines or social philosophies could not thwart the progress of human society.

The outdated ideals of nationalism are crumbling to pieces today. The newly awakened humanity today is anxious to herald the advent of one Universal Society under a vast blue sky. The noble and righteous people of all countries, bound by fraternal ties, are eager to assert in one voice with one mind, in the same tune, that human society is one and indivisible. In this voice of total unity and magnanimity lies the value and message of eternal humanism.

“Human Society is One and Indivisible”

It is often heard that a particular country was never so united as during the war. This is due to love of motherland, but more due to all the individuals having a common ideal – a goal to face the peril of war. This common ideal is, however, very temporary, and disappears with the danger of war becoming less.

In our Ananda Marga, the seed for a common ideal is sown from the very beginning of a child’s life. At the age of five, when the child has acquired only a preliminary understanding of his or her surroundings, s/he is given the ideal of Cosmic Consciousness. The entire society of Ananda Marga is then founded on a common ideal – the goal being the Supreme Consciousness. Such an ideal will not disappear like the common ideal for facing the dangers of war, and the unity in a society founded on an ideal of the Cosmic Consciousness will be everlasting.

In our Ananda Marga, even in the economic field there is a common ideal, as the whole property of the earth is common property and is to be shared by all members of the society. This is instilled in every member by the chant recited at the commencement of the functions held by the members of Ánanda Márga:

Saḿgacchadhvaḿ saḿvadadhvaḿ saḿ vo manáḿsi jánatám, Devábhágaḿ yathápúrve saḿjánáná upásate. Samánii va ákútih samáná hrdayánivah, Samánamastu vo mano yathá vah susahásati.

[The following shloka translation is as in Caryácarya Part 1, 6th edition:]

Let us move together, let us radiate the same thought-wave, let us come to know our minds together,

Let us share our wealth without differentiation, like sages of the past, so that all may enjoy the universe.

Let our aspirations be united, let our hearts be inseparable, Let our minds be as one mind, so that we live in harmony and become one with the Supreme.

“Tattvika Praveshika”

The fact that the fortune of every individual, not only of this earth, but of the entire cosmos, has been wreathed together, will have to be admitted one day by humanity. The spiritual aspirants have to fetch that auspicious moment sooner by their pauseless effort, service and propagation of the great ideology. This alone is the supreme task for the present humanity.

Ánanda Vánii, January 1969