The Thoughts of P.R. Sarkar

Humanity has only one culture. I am not prepared to admit that there are various cultures. The dances, songs, pronunciation and ceremonial celebrations of different sections of humanity may have their local peculiarities, but these cannot be considered cultural differences. The variations in local customs cannot be removed by legal force or by dictatorial rule. If an attempt is made to destroy common practices, languages, and various local manners and customs in the name of national or human unity, violence and mutual distrust will result and collective life will be doomed.

I am in favour of social synthesis. In my opinion, as people come more intimately in contact with one another, and the corners of the world come nearer, local customs will assume newer forms as a result of frequent interchange. The flowers of different gardens will unite into a bouquet which will be more, not less, beautiful than the individual flowers themselves. If different countries or communities are anxious to establish social blending through marriages, then social synthesis can be achieved within a very short time. Its concrete reflections are already apparent to some extent in cosmopolitan cities.

Problem of the Day, 36

Striving ahead together with the entire Universe along the path of divinity is truly the greatest task for humanity.

Supreme Expression II, 27

Members of one particular race considering themselves superior to others, also very frequently inflict injustice on the other portions of society. The expulsion of the Jews from Germany by the so-called superior races has caused a tremendous amount of disruption in society. In Ananda Marga the first step that a person takes is to forget one’s race or sect and to no longer identify oneself with one’s race, caste or sect, whether it was superior or inferior.

In social functions based on racial considerations, racial prejudices figure very prominently. In our collective functions, members of all races, castes or creeds take part as equals.

The caste, race or nation is often the main consideration in arranging marriages. In our Márga, there is no such consideration. These petty differences between human beings are not given any importance. Humanity as a whole is considered as one family belonging to the race of human race. In such a society, injustice due either to economic background, sex or racial considerations will be unknown.

“Tattvika Praveshika”

I often say that the caste system is hypocrisy – unreal. If you analyse the caste of human beings you will find that the ancestors of every human being were monkeys. In that case everybody’s caste is monkey caste. All this hypocrisy is to be given up. Is it that the ancestor of a Brahman-caste human being was a Brahman-caste monkey and that of a Rajput-caste person a Rajput-caste monkey?

Seminar Notes 1980, 9

Human society comprises various races. There is no reason whatever to recognize one race as superior to another race. The external differences in constitutions among these human groups cannot alter their basic human traits – love and affection, pleasure and pain, hunger and thirst. These basic biological instincts and mental propensities equally predominate in human beings of all complexions in all countries and in all ages. A mere rustic, illiterate, half-naked tribal mother of an unknown hamlet of Chotanagpur hills in India bears deep maternal affections for her young children; in the same way, a well-educated mother of a locality of New York pours out of her heart a great love for her own children.

The subterranean flow of love and affection exists in all hearts alike. Every person cries out in pain, everyone feels pleasure when there are occasions of joy and happiness. Maybe in different geographical, cultural, social and other environments, the lifestyle of different human groups may vary; maybe, a few special psychic traits in those groups may assert themselves, but fundamentally, their mental existences flow along the same channels of ideas and consciousness. Containing the same cosmic momentum and under the same cosmic inspiration, they all have set out for a tryst with the same Destiny.

“Human Society is One and Indivisible”

Feelings of differentiation are a great impediment in the spiritual practice for the Infinite. The feelings that a particular person is a Muslim, another a Hindu, yet another a Brahmin-caste, and the fourth a capitalist, are mean thoughts. When every living being is a manifestation of the Supreme Consciousness, how can you know yourself without shedding these differentiating feelings?

No one is high and no one low. Of course, according to one’s virtues or vices one is happy, one is miserable, one is rich, one is poor, one is a fool, and another is learned. But all are human beings. Feelings of differentiation are the principle obstacles on the path of spiritual practice. For this reason, elevation cannot be attained without annihilating them.

Súbháśita Saḿgraha I, 92

Today not even the Pacific Ocean between Asia and America is difficult to cross. The people of Asia and America are approaching one another, touching and understanding each other’s minds; they have learned to think about each other sympathetically, as one family of humanity. Europe, Africa, Australia, Mercury, Jupiter, comets, stars, and constellations - none is alien to the other, none is distant. Gradually everyone has begun to realize the vibration emanating from the One Mind.

Abhimata, The Opinion, 78