The Thoughts of P.R. Sarkar

Those who wish to purify society of all defects will have to keep an eye on every human being; social reform can be effected only through the purification of individuals.

Problem of the Day, 48

In this transitional period of civilization, honesty in individual life is a prime necessity. We have to remain ever vigilant that the darkness of petty self-interest does not shroud this supreme human treasure. With the extinction of honesty, civilization will not survive, the long effort (sádhaná) of the human race will go in vain, and all intellectual achievements will become meaningless.

Ánanda Vánii, May 1958

Building anything on humanistic lines requires a foundation of real love and affection for humanity. A truly benevolent society will never come into being under the leadership of those energetic busybodies who are solely concerned with profit and loss. Where love is paramount, the question of personal loss or gain does not arise. The basic ingredient for building a healthy society is simply genuine love; how then is it possible to establish such a society through coercion or legal compulsion?

Human Society I, 73

23. Sadvipras

Sadvipras are those whose all efforts are directed towards the attainment of Bliss. They are strong in morality and always ready to wage war against immoral activities. Those who strictly adhere to the principles of morality, are ensconced in sacrificing service (Tapah) and are ready to wage war against immoralists are sadvipras. Only those sadvipras are safe from destruction and extinction who can work for the welfare of the human society. Therefore, it becomes the prime duty of everyone to make themselves and others sadvipras.

“The Future of Civilization,” Cosmic Society, 1967

Sadvipras will wage a ceaseless, pactless struggle against immorality and all sorts of divisive tendencies. Those who pose to be righteous (dharmic) but are timid with the spirit of fight cannot be called sadvipras.

“The Future of Civilization,” Cosmic Society, 1967

The function of the sadvipra shall, therefore, be to see that the dominating or ruling classes do not have any scope for exploitation. The moment one class turns to be exploiters, the life of the majority becomes miserable; a few enjoy at the cost of many whose lot is only to suffer. More than that, in such a stage of society, both the few and the many get degenerated. The few exploiters degenerate themselves due to excess of physical enjoyments, and the many exploited cannot elevate themselves because all their energy is taken up in mundane problems and all their mental waves are always tending to attain psycho-physical parallelism, thus getting day by day cruder. Hence for the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of the administrator and the administered of the society as a whole, it is essential that no one should be given any scope to exploit the rest of society.

Idea and Ideology, 87

Those spiritual revolutionaries who work to achieve such progressive changes for human elevation on a well-thought, pre-planned basis whether in the physical, metaphysical or spiritual sphere, by adhering to the principles of morality, are sadvipras.

Idea and Ideology, 85