The Thoughts of P.R. Sarkar

4. Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practice is the conversion of the small object into that infinite object. Now, you think that “This small body, this unit consciousness, is mine.” But when you think “That vast universal body is mine,” then you are the Supreme. When this individual body and mind is yours, you know all the secrets of this individual physical body and mind. And when this vast cosmos is your object, you’ll know everything of this cosmos, you’ll know everything of this infinite space. So your spiritual practice is the practice of conversion – conversion of small into big.

This process of conversion makes a person universal. One’s very existence goes beyond the scope of time, place and person. At that time, one becomes omnipotent and also omniscient. One knows everything without going through any book. When an individual wants to acquire any knowledge, one will have to go through practical experiences, books, etc. For the individual, there are so many worries and anxieties, so much optimism and pessimism, so many clashes and cohesions; but in the case of the Supreme there is no complex, no optimism, no pessimism; there is no question of clashes or cohesions, because in the case of the Cosmic, everything is internal – nothing is external. Everything is within and nothing is without. The entire universe is in the range of His mind, so there remains no second entity, no second individual. Thus the question of any clash doesn’t arise.

If one wants to attain peace, what is one to do? One is to convert one’s small objectivity into the infinite objectivity. There is no other alternative. Simply teaching the gospels of peace won’t give you any peace. You have to convert yourself from small into big. Spiritual practice is the practice of increasing one’s own psychic radius. When it becomes bigger and bigger, the range of mind is bigger. And when in this way the radius becomes infinite, the aspirant becomes one with the Supreme. This becoming one with the Supreme, the Supreme Union, is called Salvation or emancipation – liberation of permanent nature. Each and every spiritual aspirant should know this and attain liberation.

Baba in Fiesch, 109

There is a common desire in each and every human mind, and that desire differentiates a human from an animal, a human from a plant. What is that difference? It wants to expand. Secondly, it wants to become one with the Cosmic Entity. Thirdly, it wants to do something noble; and fourthly, it wants peace, supreme peace, undisturbed peace. These are the four special qualifications of human beings. So Yoga is the path of progress, the path of development for each and every human being. In individual life we should practice yoga, and in collective life we should encourage others to practice yoga. It is the panacea of all human ailments, in the physical realm, in the psychic realm and also in the spiritual realm.

Discourse in Haifa, 1979

What is Tantra? The process of transforming animality or latent divinity into the Supreme Divinity is known as Tantra. The spiritual practice which liberates the aspirant from dullness or animality and expands one’s self is Tantrik practice (sádhaná). So, there cannot be any spiritual practice without Tantra. Spiritual practice means a practice for expansion, and this expansion is nothing but a liberation from the bondage of all sorts of dullness. Irrespective of caste, creed or religion, one who aspires for spiritual expansion, or does something concrete, is a Tantrika. Tantra in itself is neither a religion nor an “ism”. It is the fundamental spiritual science.

“Tantra and Its Effect on Society”

Who is your nearest person? You try to know so many things, but you should know first of all your nearest object. What is your nearest object? Your hands? Your fingers? No, no, no. Your arms? No, no, no. Your chest? No, no, no. What is the nearest point? Your “I” is your nearest entity. And the distance cannot be measured. First of all you should know all the characteristics of your own “I”. In your books, in your laboratories, you try to learn the characteristics of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen monoxide, hydrogen peroxide, and so many elements and compounds, but you don’t know the characteristics of your nearest object. Try to know all the characteristics of your nearest object in your mental laboratory.

Now how to do it? In the laboratory, a theoretician won’t be able to help you in your research. You require a practical demonstrator in the laboratory. In the realm of spirituality, whom to follow? You may or may not follow the scriptures, you may or may not follow the social codes, and you may or may not follow the intellectuals. You are to follow those practical demonstrators; that means you are to follow the Yogis. And certainly, according to His direction, you will attain that Supreme Stance, and you will enjoy that Supreme Beatitude.

Discourse in Philippines, 1969

There are some people who have the correct desire but do not have correct direction. They know that the Supreme Consciousness is the goal, but they don’t have real direction. It is said that spiritual practice should not be performed by studying from books. For it, a preceptor is essential. If a person starts doing spiritual practice by reading a book or hearing from another, that too is dangeous because in that case a clear conception about the goal is not formed. Hence one does not know where one is going. The boat is sailing but the sailor does not know where the boat is going. In the long run the sailor will become exhausted and have some accident.

“Astitva and Shivatva”

Whoever attains the wish to merge into Him, the Supreme Consciousness in the form of Sadguru (the Perfect Master) appears and trains them how to move forward towards the Supreme Consciousness and to merge into Him. All the arts, the rules how to merge in Him, are known to no one except the Supreme. So it is He who teaches the spiritual aspirants in the form of Sadguru. There is no other alternative to this.

Seminar Notes 1980, 16

Even a gold vessel needs polishing occasionally. Unmaintained, it gathers dust and dirt and loses its lustre. Similarly, even a good person, a spiritual aspirant needs proper maintenance, for in a world of constant change, care must be taken that the change be always towards the better or the higher. Keeping good company is essential for this positive development. While bad company strengthens the bondage of the soul, good company is conducive to liberation and salvation.

Seminar Notes 1980, 137

When an infant starts walking, the parent first guides him to walk a little. He tries to walk but falls. Then the parent advances and lifts him up in his lap. So also, God. Make the slightest efforts and He will pick you up and place you in His lap.

“God is With You”