The Thoughts of P.R. Sarkar

6. The Universal family

In short, whatever was created in the past is the original creation (sambhúti) of God. The sum total of all creations is the Cosmic Order (Brahmáńd́a). This includes the sun as well as the small ant which crawls on the earth. Whether it is a dead star or a living star, whether it is a nebula or a milky way or a galaxy – all belong to one universal family. The Milky Way is vast from one end to the other; an ant is a very small creature, but the role of both of them in maintaining the balance of the universe is equal. If one ant meets a premature death, it will disturb the balance of the entire cosmos. Therefore, nothing here is unimportant, not even an ant. Suppose, an ant is sitting on the edge of a rock and it moves even one inch from east to west, and this disturbs the balance of the rock, it may cause a big earthquake – because after all, the ant is also His original creation.

Sambhúti and Mahásambhúti

These days we are discovering many fossils from excavations. They show that in the distant past, age after age, huge creatures were created. Similarly, there were innumerable varieties of trees and creepers; all these are not available today. We see their bodies only in the form of fossils. Every age had its own flora and fauna and it disappeared with them. Every tree and every creature of every age and stratum is His creation. None is unimportant. What is happening in the universe is the gradual death of one created being and the gradual emergence of another. Therefore, whatever will come, it will only be God coming in that form. No one is insignificant, no one is small, no one is low. Suppose there is a drunkard, a fallen man. You have no right to hate him. You talk with him, persuade him – if necessary scold him for his regression. All these efforts are alright, but you have no right to hate him. Hating is not a courageous quality or a creditable tendency. When every being is His own creation, how can you hate anyone? How is it possible that you meditate upon one form of the Lord and abuse another?

Sambhúti and Mahásambhúti”

God has the same care for an ant, a mosquito and a mammoth. There is no special importance to a mammoth because it has a big body. The amount of care that He devotes to an ant is the same which He devotes to the entire cosmos – not less, not more. The entire universe, consisting of all the realms, is so complex and vast, yet it does not require any more headache to God than a white ant. Behind every created being there is a flow of energy from God… So a mammoth cannot move without His Grace, and a blade of grass also cannot move without His approval. Nobody is unimportant, nobody is insignificant. Each and every existence is valuable. So you must not develop the psychology of helplessness or hopelessness, defeatist complex or fear complex, because the Supreme Father is always with you.

Baba in Fiesch, 123

The sweetest part of God’s play is that He is hidden in everyone and everyone is searching for Him. He wants His children to go around, and He plays hide-and-seek with them. This gives interest and pleasure to both the Creator and the Created. Thus all things are one. There is no distinction due to sex, age, or anything. Male and female, young and old are all actors playing different roles in the drama of this universe. Their forms differ, but their substance and purpose is one. God is male, female, child, youth and old age.

God has His faces in all directions. No one can hide anything from Him. He sees both our external and internal actions. Do not hate those who are small. You have no right to hate anyone. Do not be afraid of nature either. The thunder and the roar of the oceans hide His sweet music within their apparently frightful sounds. Fear none and hate none. All are One.

This Universal Form of God, unity in all – you will be able to see in this very life. Strive on – go on doing your meditation intensively, you will succeed.

Baba’s Grace, 33

7. You are never alone

You are never alone or helpless. The force that guides the stars, guides you too.

Baba’s Grace, 51

He appears to you according to your feelings toward Him. If you are subtle, He is nearest to you; if you are crude, He is farthest from you. Do you feel whether the Supreme Consciousness is in India or in America? He is so near as to be in your feelings, and so far as to be in a distant country. When you think He is here, He is nearer than here. He is so near that it is difficult to measure the distance. You go on searching for Him in the caves of the Himalayas and wander here and there, and He is nowhere. But when you attain awareness of Him, you find that He was all along with you in your search. He was seated in your heart.

"God is With You"

He is the witness of all the worlds, all the deeds done in this universe. Nothing is secret for Him. You cannot do anything nor think anything without being witnessed by Him. If anyone says, “I am not being witnessed by anybody,” He will be witnessing this utterance. So as the witnessing Entity He is always with you. This is the greatest assurance, because when you know that He is with you, your mental strength will increase a thousand-fold, because He is always with you to help you. The only demerit is that as He is always with you, you cannot do anything secretly, you will be caught red-handed. But the merit is that because He is with you, you are never alone, you are never weak, you are never helpless. So the duty of a perfect human being, the duty of a spiritual aspirant is always to remember this supreme truth – that one is never alone, one is always with Supreme Father. He will always help you, and He will always accelerate the speed of your progress.

Discourse in Istanbul, Turkey, 1979