Yogic treatment & Natural Remedies

24. Impotency and Infertility

Symptoms: Quick discharge of semen, absence of any pleasurable nervous sensation, loss of reproductive capacity, fathering stillborn or short-lived children, etc., are symptoms of this disease.

Causes: In most cases, if not all, impotency is a disease of the intemperate. There are various causes of this disease– 1. When the seminal receptacle is already full, a passionate thought will bring a seminal discharge in no time. This is called mental impotency.

2. Excessive accumulation of poisonous acid or pitta in the body can also effect a quick seminal discharge. Under such a condition the pitta of the male eliminates the possibility of conception by killing female ova. This is called pitta impotency.

3. If the male and female have a bitter relationship, the resulting mental conflict in the male can bring about a quick emission and destroy chances of conception. This is called conflict impotency.

4. If excessive waste of semen occurs due to the bad habit of masturbation during adolescence or youth, or due to lack of restraint in married life, the seminal fluid becomes thin and the symptoms of seminal weakness appear. This is also a kind of sexual debility, and it is called seminal infertility.

5. If one is engaged in much mental or spiritual effort and devotes much time to Dhyána, Dhárańá, and Práńáyáma, then his shukra takes too much of an upward course, due to which his testes cannot produce sufficient spermatozoa: in the absence of passionate thoughts, spermatozoa cannot be formed. That is why it is usually observed that scientists and other intellectually-inclined men father no children; or if they do, the children are very short-lived. This is known as infertility due to an ascension of shukra.

6. Due to chronic venereal diseases such as gonorrhoea or syphilis, sometimes males and females suffer from impotency or infertility. This is called syphilitic impotency or infertility.

7. A serious lack of sexual restraint will make the nerves of the pelvis and genitals weak or damaged. The penis loses its power of erection and becomes very weak. This is called genital impotency.

8. If there is a congenital weakness of the genital organs, testes, ovaries, etc., this disease is called congenital impotency. This type of impotency is not curable without surgery or intense meditation. Of course, with the help of surgery or intense meditation, it is not impossible to convert a male person into a female or vice versa.

Females who lack sexual self-restraint may also suffer from infertility (analogous to seminal infertility in the male). Such infertile females suffer from severe abdominal pain during intercourse and also from chronic constipation.

Over-indulgence in sexual intercourse may also bring frigidity to women. Such frigid women do not have any particular nervous sensation during sexual intercourse.

Treatment: Morning – Utkśepa Mudrá, Bandhatraya Yoga Mudrá, Mayurásana, Karmásana and Ámbhasii Mudrá or Ámbhasii Práńáyáma.

Evening – Sarváuṋgásana, Matsyamudrá, Padahastásana, Matsyendrásana and Vajrásana.

In the cases where impotency or infertility is just the result of some other disease, proper treatment of the original disease should be undertaken and the impotency or infertility will also disappear when the original disease is cured.

Diet: Depending upon the capacity of the liver, all kinds of nutritious foods should be taken. The patient should daily drink a sufficient quantity (four to five seers) of water. Fasting should also be observed on Ekádashii, Púrńima and Amávasyá days as prescribed.

Sufficient butter or ghee should be taken along with rice or rut́i. If the liver is healthy, the patient should drink one seer of milk every day. With this disease, squash (Lagenaria vulgaris Seringe), green (unripe) pumpkin (Benincasa cerifera Savi) and kalamii shák can be considered excellent food.

Dos and don’ts: As I have already said, impotency and infertility, in most cases if not all, are diseases of over-indulgence; so one should keep control over his/her thoughts and actions. The male should stay away from feminine company as long as the disease is not fully cured. During the disease Naeśt́hika Brahmacarya (complete abstinence) must be observed. The prescribed rules for bathing and sun-bathing should be followed.

Some remedies: 1. Máskalái fried in ghee and then boiled in milk and taken with sugar.

2. 1 tola of shálama mishrii (a kind of Afghan fruit) taken with milk and micharii.

3. 1 inch of basil (Ocimum sanctum Linn.) root chewed and eaten with betel (Piper betel Linn).

4. Shimúla-root (Salmalia malabarica Schott & Endl.) powder taken with milk; will give relief in this disease within 2 to 3 weeks.

5. Rubbing the essence of nágeshvara (Nága Keshara) on the penis will give good results with impotency.

6. The powder of bhúmi kuśmáńd́a is an ideal medicine for seminal weakness, impotency, and infertility.

Method of preparation: Cut the bhúmi kuśmáńd́a into pieces and dry the pieces in the shade. The next day, pour some more bhúmi kuśmáńd́a juice on these cut pieces and dry them again. Repeat the process for seven days. After the final drying, powder the pieces and mix 1/4 tola of powder with a tola of ghee and 2-1/2 tolas of milk. Drink this amount every day early in the morning. Generally this will cure impotency within 2 or 3 weeks.

7. Grind the root of puin in water, and when it becomes a fine paste, mix it with 1/4 seer of water and drink it. Then take the soup of máskalái which has been soaked in water, with sugar. This will give excellent results with impotency.

8. Take regularly as medicine for 2 or 3 weeks punti fish or the middle portion of rui fish fried in ghee. This will cure infertility caused by overthin semen.