Ápta Vákya and Prápta Vákya

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Last night I said something regarding mantra and incantation. I tried to explain to you that mantra and incantation are not the same thing. A mantra must have an acoustic root, and at the same time, in the mundane plane, its ordinary significance must be the same as and not just similar to the significance of the acoustic root. And I also said that to become a mantra, even where there is the acoustic root and the proper significance, it must get recognition from Mahásambhúti or Mahákaola.

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What is Atman, Paramatman and Sadhana?

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Due to internal clash and cohesion amongst the three immanent principles (sentient, mutative and static), the resultant force bursts out at any one vertex of the triangle formed due to the ever-flowing eternal force. Puruśa, or Consciousness, is the Nucleus from whom commences the process of saiṋcara, or uniform movement from the subtle to the gross, from the one to the many.

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What is Life, Death and Samskara?

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Saccidánanda is derived from a conversion of three terms, namely: sat, cit and ánanda. These are so often translated as “existence”, “knowledge” and “bliss”. This is not only loose terminology but incorrect. Correctly speaking, sat means “that which undergoes no change” – a Transcendental Entity.

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What is my relation with the Universe and the Cosmic Entity?

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Nirguńa Brahma is the supreme rank of Brahma, and this status is attained when consciousness is not under the qualifying influence of Prakrti. Saguńa Brahma, the Qualified Supreme Entity, is under the qualifying influence of Prakrti. Saguńa Brahma is also called Bhagaván.

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Who Am I and What Am I?

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Human beings form the last stage in the evolutionary ladder of the creation. In human beings consciousness is fully and clearly reflected in a physical body made of the five rudimental factors derived from the Cosmic body of the Qualified Supreme Entity (Saguńa Brahma). This clear reflection of consciousness is unit consciousness (átman), and the physical body of the five factors which receives this reflection is called the human body. Thus a human being has unit consciousness (átman) and body.

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What is this World?

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As Brahma is the supreme multiple of the multiplicities of unit consciousness, It is consciousness in its totality. It has been shown earlier that every unit consciousness is non-causal, and so is Brahma – the multiple of all the unit consciousnesses can only be infinite if the multiplicity of unit consciousnesses is infinite. Hence the number of unit consciousnesses has to be infinite. A question here arises about the manner in which Brahma became the multiple of all the unit consciousnesses.

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