Baba's Grace

Posted By: Tapas Dev Tag: With My Master Last Update: 27/04/2019

One day I had the opportunity to go on a fieldwalk with Baba. However, while I was in the bathroom, my co-workers forgot me and they left to go to Baba's quarters for the fieldwalk without me.

When I came out and found myself alone, I rushed to Baba's quarters, but He had already gone. Then I hurried to the field, but He was not there either.

Thinking that Baba must still be on His way, I sat down to do sadhana on the gravestone while I waited for Him. I did the first three processes of sense withdrawal effortlessly. My mind became deeply concentrated. I went into samadhi.

Later, Baba came and touched my body. He called my name and slowly I started to regain consciousness. He sat next to me. I did Satsaunga Pranam even though I was dazed. After that, Baba talked about many subjects to the sadhakas. But I was still in a blissful trance and could not pay attention to His words.