Posted By: Tapas Dev Tag: With My Master Last Update: 27/04/2019

Language has long been a sensitive issue in India. It is hotly debated by everyone from the politicians in the parliament down to the common masses in the stress. The people in North India want to establish Hindi as the national language, whereas the southerners demand English.

Once, Baba told me that the political leaders never cared to solve the serious national problems, but rather, they bickered and brooded over trifling matters. He said, "Language is nothing but the expression of the human mind." thought desired and internal experiences have the same characteristics in all human beings, their expressions are diverse. This is due to natural circumstances, such as biological structure, climate, environment etc. These influence our outer expressions. Then Baba said a phrase in Hindi - "Mai Kha ta Hun", which means "I eat." Baba began translating it into many languages (outer expression). I counted as I listened, and He went up to a total of 52 languages!

I wondered how Baba could know so many languages. When He returned from field walk, He said, "one thing that I had forgotten to tell you is that I studied many languages in My tution classes at Jamalpur."

This only made me more confused, as Jamalpur is just a small town and there are not many language scholars residing there. So how could Baba possible study all those languages? Then I realized that Baba knows everything and He was just joking with me.