My Initiation

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In my adolescent days I was enchanted by stories from the Ramayana and the Bhagavad Giita. I used to wonder why I was not blessed with the presence of the Lord as Arjuna was.

I was the youngest of four brothers. My father died when I was ten years old. My sisters-in-law often used to mock me concerning my worldly life. But once my mother scolded them, saying that I was a very determined person and that I had plans to achieve my ends. She also praised me, telling me in a convincing manner that I would do great work and not lead a conjugal life.

My mother died when I was 17. After her death, the transitoriness of the world led my mind towards God. A good friend of mine suggested that I accompany him to a spiritual gathering which was being held nearby. I went there and saw many youths singing and chanting..

Actually, it was a Dharmacakra led by Ac. Kailash Chandra Bhalla, a family Acarya.

I was inspired and asked the Acarya for initiation into his spiritual practices, but he refused to give it immediately. He told me instead to come and visit him the next morning at four.

I returned to the hostel, and woke at three the next morning. I walked three miles from the hostel to my Acarya's house. He invited me in gladly, initiated me, and then explained Yama and Niyama and the do's and dont's of spirituality.

All this continued for three hours. I became worried and told Ac. Kailash that I was already late for school, but he told me convincingly that I wouldn't late and everything would be all right.

when it was over, I rushed to school. I was Already one hour late. As I approached the gate, I was surprised to see that the school maintenance man was just beginning to ring the bell. It was as if the whole school had been waiting for me to arrive! I asked him why he was ringing the bell so late, and he said that he had misplaced the keys to the gate and had been searching for them for the entire hour. Then I remembered my Acarya's words. Thus, I was attracted by Ananda Marga from the very day of my initiation. That was February 15, 1962.

My elder sister-in-law had been looking after me ever since my mother's death. She was very ordinary, simple and illiterate. One day soon after my initiation, she was serving lunch and I approached him to get my food. But she asked,

"Did you meditate before coming to eat?" It never occurred to me that she would ask this as she was a non-Margii. I replied that I had not done so. Then she told me to do meditation first before eating. I realized that in this way my Guru was checking my misbehavior and guiding me.