My Master As A Guide

Posted By: Tapas Dev Tag: With My Master Last Update: 18/01/2019

Bhagalpur is a big city in Bihar. The first Ananda Marga Jagrti was established there. Due to the efforts of the Margiis, the message of Ananda Marga spread all around the state. This aroused enmity and jealousy amongst the orthodox Hindus who advocate casteism and other dogmas. They are completely conservative in there traditions, beliefs and customs.

When I arrived, a newspaper called Arya Vartha published a news article attacking Ananda Marga. Acarya Kuldeep, senior grhi Acarya, then filed a case against the writer, Ram Svarupa Sharma.

During the court session, the defendant mockingly said to the judge that the plaintiff's Guru in an ordinary clerk in a railway office. The judge was amused and asked if it was so.

Acarya Kuldeep remembered his Guru Mantra. Then he became very serious and said, "Yes, your honor, it is so. However, history shows that Christ was a carpenter, Mohammed a shepherd, Shiva a bullherd and Krsna a cowherd. My Lord is a great spiritualist!"

The judge was pleased by these bold words and ultimately decided the case in our fevor. The defendant was penalized.

When the trial session was over, I left the courtroom happily and started home to the jagrti. After walking a long way, a man appeared and asked me where I was going. I said that I was going to the Ananda Marga ashram. The man said that I was going in the wrong direction and pointed out the proper way. I looked where he was pointing, but when I turned around to thank him, he was gone! I reached the ashram safely by following his directions.

Three days later I went to Jamalpur and met Baba. In the course of our conversation, Baba advised me to memorize all the ways and directions while going to my destination, so that I would not get lost. Then I realized that Baba had been guiding me on that day.