My Personal Contact

Posted By: Tapas Dev Tag: With My Master Last Update: 06/01/2019

In October, I attended Dharma Maha Cakra (DMC) in Raipur (M.P. India). It was my first chance to see Baba. According to Hindu tradition, an incarnation of God should possess four arms. Yet when I saw Baba, He had only two arms. He was short and stout and wore very simple clothes. "How can God be short?" I asked myself.

During the darshan Baba said:

Tumi diivan, tumi diivan, tumi diivan mero;
Mei gulam, mei gulam, mei gulam tero.

It means, "You are my master and I an Your slave."

Baba added, "I am like the washerman washing all the clothing of your samskaras." Upon hearing this, all the margiis wept.

The next day I had my personal contact with Baba. I had mentally prepared many questions that I wanted to ask Him. When I entered the room, I prostrated myself in Sastaunga Pranam. When I sat up, He was sitting and smiling at me. When I saw Him smile affectionately at me, all the questions vanished from my mind.

At Baba's direction I swore an oath. Then He said, "You are the son of Parama Purusa- you work for a greater cause. am with you always. You will never fail." I was very inspired. However, when I came out, all my questions returned!