My master as a caretaker

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My master as a caretaker Ananda Marga

When I was posted in Bhagalpur, somebody told Baba a rumor that I was suffering because I was not eating properly, regular meals. Since it was nearby, the Margiis of Bhagalpur used to frequent in Jamalpur. Baba scolded them saying,

"There is only one worker in your town. Can't you take proper care of him and provide him his needs?"

After that, whenever a Bhagalpur Margii would happen to see me walking by, he or she would run to me and implore me to take food in their house, even if I told them I had already eaten.

when I returned to Jamalpur, Baba asked me how I was. I replied that I was fine. Then I asked Him what He had said to the Margiis that caused them to be concerned about me. Baba just smiled.

This cleared up my doubts and uncertainty about whether I would be properly cared for in the field. I realized that Baba would always arrange to take care of me wherever I was.

Sometimes I had worried whether Baba would show me the same love and affection that good parents show their children, as my own parents had died when I was young. But in these experiences, I saw that Baba showed me the greatest care and concern and my desire to have felt that from my own parents was fulfilled. As the embodiment of bliss, Baba has fulfilled all of my desires and expectations, always providing me with the deepest love and affection.

During the field walk, I asked Baba about a popular Indian superstition, that encountering a black cat or a vulture meant bad luck. Baba explained that it is inevitable that a person should occasionally meet these creatures. Then Baba asked, how the animal feels when we human beings think it bad to meet them. Baba smiled, and simply advised that one should apply one's second lesson and walk away.

Jamalpur is situated on the railway route between Kiul and Calcutta. It is famous for having the largest locomotive railway workshop in Asia and because, in 1955, Ananda Marga was born there. Baba explained the name of Jamalpur was taken from a famous Muslim named Jamal.

Baba first lived on a street called a Keshapur colony. When Baba entered the railway service in 1941, He moved from Keshapur Colony to Rampers Colony. Before Ananda Marga began in 1955. Baba used to go on evening field walks, from about eight to ten PM. When the organization started, the Margiis and workers would accompany Him. One group of devotees would bring Baba to the field with pillows and a bed-sheet and then take their leave. Another group would come to take Baba back to His house. Sometimes, when there were not many devotees, the small number that came with Him would stay with Him throughout the field walk.

In the small town of Jamalpur, nobody took notice of Baba, because He looked simple and ordinary. He used to lock His front door simply by tying with it a rope. walking to work, he would pass through the dirtiest streets in Jamalpur.

Once I was with Baba and three other workers during an evening field walk. It was a moonlit night with a drizzling cloudy sky. The grass on the ground had become wet. A smooth breeze blew as we strolled. We halted at the Tiger's Grave and spread the bed-sheet. He sat and we put pillows to His left and right. we were about to do Sastaunga Pranam when Baba stopped us, saying that the ground was wet and our clothes would get dirty.

However, due to a strong internal urge, I prostrated myself anyway. When arising, to my astonishment, I found that my white shirt and dhoti were clean as ever and that only my hands and feet were wet.