My master surrenders to devotion

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My master surrenders to devotion Ananda Marga

Chotti Jammin is a small village near Bhagalpur. The first Ananda Marga conference was held there on February 8. On the way there, Baba's jeep broke down at a place called Jai Khut, so He had to walk the last two kilometers to the village.

Our ashram there was in built of mud with a roof of coconut leaves. Baba walked in and gave a half hour darshan to the Margiis.

During the darshan, Baba said, "I am not only for Ananda Margiis, but for all. Those who have not yet taken initiation can do so now." About fifty people then asked to be initiated.

The sadhakas shouted, "Anandamurtiji Ki- Jai!" and a large group of villagers gathered around. Most of the people were quite skeptical of our customs and manners.

Then Baba prepared to leave. The conference was scheduled for three consecutive days but as the program to that day working day for Baba, He restricted the program to that day alone. All the Margiis began pleading with Baba to return the next day, but He refused. This drama continued for some time.

The devotee named Vrajanandan Singh stood in the door and prevented Baba from leaving. He told Baba, "You must promise to return tomorrow, or I won't let you go."

Baba turned to His Personal Assistant, grihi Acarya Vivekananda from Jamalpur, and said, "Vrajanandan has arrested me, can you release me?" Everyone was smiling as Baba pretended to be helpless. Finally, He said, "If nobody is willing to help Me get rid of this man, I have no choice but to agree to return tomorrow."

Then He left in the jeep which had been repaired. The whole crowd followed Baba's jeep as it slowly moved away. They ran after Him for one kilometer and only gave up when the jeep started to speed up. The next day, Baba came and gave a cheerful general darshan.