Practical Teaching

Posted By: Tapas Dev Tag: With My Master Last Update: 27/04/2019

A devotee told me about the early days when a Margii had his personal contact with Baba. Entering the room, the young man prostrated before Baba. He said,

"Baba, you are Brahma and I am also Brahma, so why is there a need to do meditation?" baba told him that he would reply later and asked him to leave, but the margii insisted that Baba should answer immediately. Baba again asked him to leave and this time, he did.

Presently, it was time for general darshan. The Margii who had the unsuccessful PC was seated in the front. In the course of His darsan, Baba asked for a cane. Someone brought it and gave it to Baba. Suddenly Baba struck the Margii with the cane. He cried out in pain. Upset, he stood up and asked,

"Baba why are you beating me?"

In a surprised tone, Baba asked, "What? You are Brahma, I am Brahma. So who is beating whom?"

"But Baba, I feel pain.".

"That's it. To get rid of this 'I' which distinguishes you from Brahma, demands meditation." The Margii folded his hand and humbly sat down.