The First Fieldwalk

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The camp lasted fifteen days. Afterward, I went to Jamalpur where Baba was living and working in the railway office.

Near Jamalpur, there is a vast ground full of trees at the foot of the hill. In this place, there is a field wherein lies the remains of a man and a tiger. History records that a British officer was hunting there and encountered a tiger. unfortunately, both he and the tiger were killed in the struggle. The villagers built graves for both of them.

Baba liked to visit this field and sit on the tiger's grave during his fieldwalks. Nearby, there is a valley which is a very Tantric place, full of ferocious animals. Baba used to go there regularly to do His sadhana.

In that field, Ananda Marga was born. Baba dictated the first book, Ananda Marga Elementary Philosophy, There and it was noted down by a sadhaka by torchlight. In that place, Baba met many sadhakas, as well as luminous beings. He gave many spiritual demonstrations and talk there.

After returning to Jamalpur from Ananda Marga, I got my first chance to go on a fieldwalk with Baba. During that occasion, I was thinking of the bitter afflictions that I had undergone.

Baba, who was beside me, interrupted my silent thoughts saying, "Don't think of the past. Your face is to the front, so think of the present and future only."

I was surprised by His words, and tears rolled down my cheeks. Baba then spoke about many subjects to the sadhakas, but I was unable to listen as I was absorbed in thinking about Him.

The next day I went to Patna for Wholetimer training. There was no formal training center there so I finished in only seven days. I was posted to Bhagalpur. On January 21, 1964, I began my work for the Mission.