Towards A missionary Life

Posted By: Tapas Dev Tag: With My Master Last Update: 06/01/2019

On December 11, 1963, Dharma Maha Cakra was held in Tatanagar. I had resolved to become a Sannyasi by then and was eager to attend. So my Acarya told me to get money for my train ticket to Tatanagar.

I went home and asked my brother for the fare. He was happy to provide it, adding, "I will never hesitate to give money if you are doing something to serve humanity."

I replied, "Yes brother, but if I remain confined within this house and village how can I ever be able to do service to the people at large?" I told him about my decision to become a monk and told him that I wanted to leave with his permission. Without any hesitation, he happily gave me his blessings. It appeared in my mind that baba was indirectly involved in this incident.

After the DMC was over, I went to Ananda Nagar on December 14 to attend a Worker's Relief Camp.

There is a story regarding the foundation of Ananda Nagar. Baba was travelling by traib from Tatanagar to Patna. However the train had an engine problem in the middle of the journey and stopped at Pundag Station for half an hour. The whole are was surrounded by jungle, huge rocks and thick bushes. Baba told me Margiis that He liked the area very much and asked them to find out who owned it. He also said that we needed a headquaters for our activities and that it should be established there.