The Physical, Psychic and Spiritual Strata

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Human life has three strata, in other words, it functions in three spheres. The first one is the spiritual sphere, the second one is the psychic sphere and the third one is the crude physical sphere. While talking to someone this morning, I said that human beings remove the afflictions in the spiritual sphere by dint of their personal efforts; combined with that, there is also the blessing of great personalities and the grace of the Almighty Lord – Mahat krpayaeva Bhagavatkrpáleshádvá [“By the blessings of realized personalities and a wee bit of the divine grace”]. Human beings must make a sincere endeavour.

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Parama Purusa – the Only Bandhu

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One of the names of Parama Puruśa is “Jagata-bandhu”. Why is He called Jagatabandhu? In the Saḿskrta language the word “jagata” has been derived from the root word “gam”. “Gam” means to go, to move. “Jagata” means that which is moving or going, that is, “jagata” has motion inherent in its nature. “To go” or “to move” is the main [[aspect]] of the matter. Everything in this universe is in motion. Nothing is stationary.

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Extra-Cerebral Memory

Posted By: Tapas Dev Tag: Scriptures Last Update: 17/07/2019

Some time ago I said something about memory, cerebral memory and non-cerebral memory in Ranchi. Human beings can remember many things in their lives, but they also forget many things. They study and learn, and what they learn today they forget tomorrow. Many people, however, remember things from their past lives. They can remember a few particular episodes – not of this life but of their past life.

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Diiksa and Initiation

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In a short discourse, I shall try to say something regarding diikśá and initiation. As you know, for want of sufficient vocabulary in certain tongues, we are to use some words having close proximity to the required term. [Here, for instance, we have to use the English word “initiation” for the Sanskrit diikśá. But] the word “initiation” cannot represent the spirit of diikśá.

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The Devotee and the Object of Adoration

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Last night during Mahá Cakra I said that the object of adoration for a devotee is something personal. And where the unit is treated as a vibrational manifestation, the Supreme Entity is the controller of all those vibrations. In the Vedas, it has been said regarding that Cosmic Puruśa:

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The Cosmic Father has a special Responsibility

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I invented kaośikii on September 6th [1978]. This dance is both an exercise, and a medicine for twenty-two diseases. It is a sort of panacea for almost all female diseases, and for many male diseases in younger boys. It is a medicine for most liver diseases. It assures safe deliveries for women, and also checks the advent of old age. It is a medicine.

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Bhakti is the Best Avenue for Salvation

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1300 years ago, India gave birth to a great jiṋána márgii by the name of Shankarácárya. He said that amongst all the avenues for salvation, devotion or bhakti is the best course. Now what is bhakti?

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Bhakti is the Best

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It is a recognized fact that the way to salvation is three-fold; jiṋána, karma and bhakti. All three of these roles are recognized routes, and I have nothing to say against any of them. But you know, those who are experienced in this life of spirituality say, after realization, that the path of bhakti is the best. Even the intellectual giant Shaḿkarácárya had to admit that “mokśa kárańasamagryaḿ bhaktireva gariyasii” – bhakti is the best way to mokśa or salvation, the approach of bhakti is the best.

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An Equal Birthright

Posted By: Tapas Dev Tag: Scriptures Last Update: 06/07/2019

A few months back a very knotty question was placed before me. The question was knotty, no doubt, but the reply was not at all knotty. The reply was very simple. The question concerned the fact that almost all the scriptures of the past said that women are not eligible for salvation. Almost all the scriptures of almost all the so-called faiths said that before the attainment of salvation, women will have to come back in male framework. And those other faiths where there is no scope for rebirth, said that women will have to wait for the final day of judgment, that is, doomsday, before they can get or expect any salvation.

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